Chester Phillips
Chester Phillips
Real Name Chester Phillips
Alias(es) General Phillips
Species Human
Citizenship American
Gender Male
Age 71
Clearance Level n/a
Affiliation United States Army, Strategic Scientific Reserve
Occupation US Army General, Director of the Strategic Scientific Reserve
Portrayed By Tommy Lee Jones
Status Alive
Chester Phillips is an army General of the United States of America. He serves as Director of the secret military organization, the Scientific Strategic Reserve. He worked with Dr. Abraham Erskine in selecting candidates for Project: Rebirth.


World War II Edit

Project: Rebirth Edit

When World War II erupted, US army General Chester Phillips was appointed Director of the a new military organization, the Strategic Scientific Reserve. He worked with Dr. Abraham Erskine in selecting candidates for Project: Rebirth. At Camp Lehigh, Dr. Erskine suggest that Steve Rogers would be the best suitable candidate but General Phillips preferred Private Gilmore Hodge instead. In one training exercise, Phillips throws a grenade at the recruits. Steve Rogers commits a self-sacrificing act of bravery by covering the grenade with his body. With that, Phillips is impressed and reluctantly agrees with Dr. Erskine to select Rogers.

In a secret SSR facility, General Phillips welcome members of the Congress and Senator William Brandt, who is funding the SSR, along with his delegates. During the procedure, Rogers was in extreme pain but emerges taller and more muscular. Senator Brandt congratulates General Phillips but one of the attendees shoots Dr. Erskine and steals the last remaining serum. Phillips orders his men to secure the Senator while Agent Peggy Carter pursues the assassin. Phillips tends to Erskine, who has died in the arms of Rogers. He then orders Steve to pursue the assassin and capture him. Steve manages to capture the assassin but commits suicide before being interrogated.

Powers Edit

General Phillips does not posses any superhuman powers.

Abilities Edit

  • Master Tactician: Phillips is an accomplished strategist, thus making him a highly respected General in the United States Army.
  • Expert Combatant: Phillips is trained in combat by the United States Army.


Captain America SeriesEdit