Dr. Abraham Erskine
Real Name Abraham Erskine
Alias(es) Dr. Erskine
Species Human
Citizenship German
Gender Male
Age 68
Clearance Level n/a
Affiliation Strategic Scientific Reserve
Occupation Scientist
Portrayed By Stanley Tucci
Status Deceased

Dr. Abraham Erskine was a German-Jewish scientist who created the Super-Soldier Serum and turned Steve Rogers into Captain America.


World War IIEdit

Project: RebirthEdit

While reviewing test subjects at a recruiting station at Queens, Erskine encountered Steve Rogers, who had attempted to enlist many times. Intrigued by the lengths Rogers had gone, Erskine enlists him at was placed under the Strategic Scientific Reserve. At Camp Lehigh, Erskine brought the idea of Rogers to General Chester Phillips as the clear choice for Project: Rebirth. 

Though Rogers struggled in trainings, his perseverance impressed Erskine. In a training exercise, Phillips throws a grenade at the recruits. Rogers commits a self-sacrificing act of bravery by covering the grenade with his own body, thus persuading General Phillips.

The night before the procedure, Erskine reveals to Rogers that a german soldier also went treatment but due to the imperfect version of the serum, he suffered side effects. The next day, Erskine preps Rogers to a machine that Howard Stark built. He injects Rogers with Penicillin and multiple injections of the Super-Soldier Serum and dosing him with Vita Rays. Erskine nearly stopped the procedure when it appeared Rogers was in extreme pain, but Rogers urged him to continue. Moments later, Rogers emerged taller and more muscular.

The experiment was successful, but Erskine's satisfaction is short lived as Heinz Kruger, a Nazi assassin shoots him and steals the last serum. Erskine dies in Rogers' arms while reminding him that Steve is a good man. Kruger tries to escape but Rogers demonstrated his new powers and stopped the assassin. Kruger though, managed to commit suicide via cyanide capsule before being interrogated.

Powers Edit

Erskine does not possess any superhuman powers.

Abilities Edit

  • Master Scientist: Erskine was an extraordinary advanced chemist, having created and perfected the Super-Soldier Serum, something no one was able to recreate.


Captain America SeriesEdit