Heinz Kruger
Real Name Heinz Kruger
Alias(es) Fred Clemson, The Assassin
Species Human
Citizenship German
Gender Male
Age 36
Clearance Level n/a
Affiliation Nazi Germany, HYDRA
Occupation Assassin
Portrayed By Richard Armitage
Status Deceased
Heinz Kruger was a Nazi spy and an assassin for HYDRA. He successfully assassinated Dr. Abraham Erskine under the orders of the Red Skull but committed suicide to avoid interrogation after his capture by Steve Rogers.


World War IIEdit

Heinz Kruger was a Nazi spy who has joined the HYDRA. When spies under the command of Johann Schmidt found Dr. Abraham Erskine's location, Kruger was dispatched to assassinate and steal the super-soldier serum. He infiltrated the United States as a U.S. State Department official under the alias, Fred Clemson. He gained access to watch the procedure of Project: Rebirth and was given a lift at Senator William Brandt's car. Once they arrived, he was introduced to General Chester Phillips and sat with many government officials.

After Steve Rogers successfully transforms into a super-soldier, Kruger used a concealed bomb to destroy the research, shot Dr. Erskine and stole the last remaining serum. Peggy Carter manages to shoot him in the arm but nonetheless escapes through the building.

He manages to shoot his way out of the facility where more HYDRA agents are waiting for him. A group of SSR agents started shooting and Peggy Carter manages to kill Kruger's getaway driver. He takes a taxi and tries to ram Carter over but Rogers demonstrates his new abilities by saving her just in time. He was then pursued by Rogers on foot.

They eventually ended up on the docks where Kruger takes a little boy hostage. When he discovered he was out of ammunition, he throws the boy into the water to distract Rogers. Rogers went to the kid who can swim and encourages Rogers to continue to pursue Kruger.

Kruger boarded to his advance submarine but was stopped by Rogers, who demonstrated his powers by punching a hole in the cockpit. Kruger struggles and is thrown back to the docks by Rogers. The serum breaks as he falls and is quickly interrogated by Rogers. Before he could be interrogated fully though, he commits suicide via cyanide capsule, killing himself for his cause, saying "Hail HYDRA!".

Powers Edit

Kruger does not possess any superhuman powers.


  • Master Spy: Kruger is a very well trained spy by the Germans.

Equipment Edit

  • Walther P38: A German standard issue during World War II.
  • Cyanide Pill: Kruger possess cyanide pills for suicide to avoid interrogation when captured.

Strength Level Edit

Kruger has a normal human strength.


Captain America Season 1Edit