Project Rebirth
Year 1942
Affiliation United States Army

Strategic Scientific Reserve

Location SSR Brooklyn Facility
Project Leader Dr. Abraham Erskine
Contributors Howard Stark

Chester Phillips

Participants Steve Rogers
Project Rebirth, also called Operation Rebirth or Weapon 1 was a highly classified United States Government project under the super-soldier program, the goal of which was the creation of super-soldiers to be deployed in the war against the Axis Powers. Their first and only success was a man named Steve Rogers who would later become the the world's first superhero, Captain America

History Edit

Project Rebirth was spearheaded by Dr. Abraham Erskine and General Chester Phillips. The project is designed to create super-soldiers to be deployed in the war against the Axis Powers.

Steve Rogers was chosen by Dr. Erskine to the first test subject with the Super-Soldier Serum. The test was successful but Dr. Erskine was assassinated by Nazi spy Heinz Kruger. Rogers captured Kruger, who committed suicide before interrogation.

The project included the Super-Soldier Serum and Vita Rays. Steve Rogers would later go on to become Captain America.

Participants Edit

Appearances Edit

Captain America Series Edit

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