William Brandt
Real Name William Brandt
Alias(es) Senator Brandt
Species Human
Citizenship American
Gender Male
Age 58
Clearance Level n/a
Affiliation United States Senate, Strategic Scientific Reserve
Occupation United States Senator
Portrayed By Michael Brandon
Status Alive
William Brandt is a United States Senator and the person in charge of funding the Strategic Scientific Reserve during World War II.

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World War II  Edit

SSR Edit

When World War II erupted, Senator William Brandt was assigned to fund the recently built secret organization, the Strategic Scientific Reserve. He also authorized Project: Rebirth under General Chester Phillips and Dr. Abraham Erskine .

He was present when Steve Rogers was transformed into a super-soldier but witnesses the death of Dr. Erskine at the hands of a Nazi spy, Heinz Kruger, who was posing as one of Senator Brandt's delegates. During the skirmish, Senator Brandt was kept safe by General Phillips before Steve Rogers would capture the assassin. Kruger though, manages to evade interrogation by committing suicide.

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